What to expect

I allow submissives and slaves to visit me in a range of dungeons in Central London. I will let you know where the session will be. You are expected to turn up on time, and in a presentable fashion. If I am disappointed, you will regret it.


If this is the first time you’re visiting a domme, don’t worry. I will only push you to the limits we will have discussed in advance – and no further than you are comfortable with. Every session is preceded by a negotiation in which we will agree a safeword. I am happy to work with both hard and soft limits. We will talk about your fantasies, your level of experience, what you’ve done before if anything, and what you’d like to explore with me.

During the session I will take it as slowly as you need – while you are of course under my control and expected to satisfy my whims, it is my preference that you go away having had a pleasurable experience.

More experienced?

If you are looking for a domme to try something new with, push you further than you’ve been before, or to test your limits, I may be interested. Describe your fantasies on the Contact Form, and see if you can hold my attention.