Iimg_9814f you would like to be considered for a session, you may write to me on

In your email you will need to include:

  • Your name and contact details (email and/or phone number)
  • Some times/dates on which you are available, and how long a session you’d like to arrange.
  • An idea of your kinks and fetishes, based on the list I have specified on my site
  • Details about the scenario you would like, including your fantasies, desires and limits. The more detail the better.
  • Your experience level – how much of what you describe have you tried before? If you have never tried BDSM or visited a mistress before it is useful to say.
  • If I am interested I will then contact you on your preferred email or phone number in order to make arrangements. All correspondence will be kept private.

Or you may use this contact form.


A one hour session: £215

Two hours: £400

Three hours: £550

Four hours: £700

Overnight: £1300

If it is our first session, I will require an advance deposit.