About Mistress Andry


Perverse, sadistic and skilled, I offer professional domination to men and women who want to explore their darkest fantasies.

As a lesbian feminist supremacist, I take great pleasure from making proud men confess their inherent inferiority, and accept what I choose to dish out. If you’d like to explore power-play with a strict but imaginative domme, you have come to the right place.

My interest lies in the psychological humiliation of submissives and slaves, but I also enjoy inflicting all kinds of pain, from light to intense, and from flat to sharp. I am fond of strap-on and dildo use, buttplugs and other forms of anal training.

I like to explore roleplay with those who have proved themselves worthy, particularly in the area of gender play and confusion. If you have a secret (or not-so-secret) sissy or cross-dressing side, I can bring it out of you.

Though in my mid-twenties, I have many years experience of kink, BDSM and fantasy roleplay in my personal life. As a lifestyler I care about safe, consensual and exciting play, and can work on helping you to express your most hidden desires. I also delight in an extended spanking session, and have a very strong arm with a whip or flogger.